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July 2019

If you're like me, you're always trying to save a little time and money and make the things that you have last as long as possible now spray in bedliner, while the name implies it's used in the pickup truck bed can be used for that. But many other purposes such as protecting your lawn furniture, protecting your metal surfaces from rust and from abrasion and from chemicals. So let's go and get testing underway and see which one of these products is the best we're test, abilities, bedliner materials to withstand extremely cold environments. We'Re also going to see if these products can resist chemicals rosco determine how scratch resistant these products are rosco determine the ability of these products to withstand impact anytime you're working around power tools. I highly recommend using the appropriate personal protective equipment to include breathing eyes gloves, as well as hearing to test the ability, these products to withstand the cold. I'M going to sand this metal surface down, cut it into strips, apply the products put it in a freezer and then test their ability to withstand the cold. [ Music. ] we've go ahead and sand this pickup truck bed using this wire brush on this drill and then we'll use acetone to clean it. So, no matter which bread on your product you use. The most important step is going to be surface prep. If you see shiny paint, that means the paint has not been scuffed up or sanded enough if it looks flat and dull - and you can see abrasive marks odds, are it's probably good enough now that we've sanded the bed? The next thing I need to do is to clean this bed with acetone or lacquer thinner and I'm going to use acetone [ Music ], I'm going to plays product to several washers as well as this piece of metal and an eight inch strip of the pickup Truck bed dupli-color truck bed coating is both impact resistant and abrasion resistant, [, Music, ], BeeZee, liner seals out, moisture and corrosion abrasive resistant and a great anti skid coating herculiner is a tough textured polyurethane formula that is, chip fade and impact resistant plastic coat. Truck bedliner provides a durable protection and a non-skid finish. Rust-Oleum truck bed coating is durable and abrasion resistant. It'S been right at 48 hours since I sprayed on the bedliner material. So what I'm gon na do now is remove the paper we'll take a closer look at each one of these products and then we'll give it 24 more hours to fully cure [, Music ]. So real, like dupli-color a lot I would say as far as appearance. That'S either number one or number two as far as my favorite, it's not too shiny and it seems to have a nice finish as far as the texture. I don't like easy liner as much as I do dupli-color to me easy liner. Just as a look is professional, the material itself goes on very flat and it's sort of clumps in some areas compared to dupli-color, which has a much nicer looking finish so herculiner went on fairly evenly. It'S a lot higher gloss finish than dupli-color or easy liner me. Personally, I don't really like the high gloss finish. Look. It just leaves a lot of opportunity to fade. Also, this doesn't have as much texture is dupli-color plastic coat. Very much like dupli-color seems to have a great mix between texture and the amount of gloss that provides it's a really nice looking product. To me, this looks very professional, so I really don't like rust-oleum is bed liner material as well. Some of the other products, because it just does not go on like a bed. Liner material looks more like a spray paint to me. It'S very high gloss, and also the level of gloss varies from section to section within where I've sprayed each of these products requires a different amount of time to fully cure. We'Ve allowed these products to cure for 90 hours, that's far more than the 72 hours for the product, it required the most amount of time. So now I'm going to begin testing at room temperature, which is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The first test, we're going to do is determine how scratch-resistant these products are. So we're going to be using this garden tool. [, Music, ], there's quite a bit of a scratch with the dupli-color. It'S not rubbing off. It has actually dug into the material itself, while there's a visible scratch with easy liner. It did not cut as deep as it did with dupli-color. It'S very clear that herculiner also has a bit of a scratch. It doesn't seem to be as bad as dupli-color about the same as easy liner, I'm not seeing a scratch with plastic coat. Quite surprisingly, because all the other products that we've looked at thus far have a scratch. Risto Ian did pretty good in this test. There'S a very small scratch, but not as good as plastic coat we'd be using a total of 15 pounds, plus the weight of the implement [ Music ]. Now that's a lot of damage. It actually cut all the way through the bedliner material, except for in a couple of small spots. Easy laner did not seem to hold up any better than dupli-color there's actually wider areas of tear off compared to dupli-color. Regarding herculiner get cut through about half of the distance between the two ends, so it did cut all the way down to the metal. However, it seems to have done better than dupli-color and ez. Liner plastic coat sustained a very deep scratch as well cutting all the way through it. Almost all the way across Christo Liam actually did the best. When it comes to this amount of weight, and only one area, did it cut all the way through the rest of the way, there's a deep scratch, but it held up in the next test, we'll see how impact resistant these products are we're gon na be using A rod that weighs one pound and five ounces and the way of this work is I'll feed this rod through this pipe and down to the black line, and then once I release the rod, it's going to drop about 25 inches and then come an impact with The pickup truck bed - [ Music, ], [, Music ]. So if dupli-color it looks like the rod penetrated most of the material in one area, it seems to be okay and the other two. It did quite a bit of damage. Ez liner doesn't seem to be nearly as hard as dupli-color. The rod fully penetrated all three impact points. Hurgh aligner seems to have done better than both ez liner, as well as dupli-color in its ability withstand an impact. There still seems to be some material left behind plastic code did by far the best up to this point regarding its ability withstand an impact, there's very little damage done to the plastic coat with regard to its ability to stick. Obviously, there's a big dent in the metal, but there still seems to be plenty of plastic hook. Left rust-oleum, just like plastic coat, did a very good job. The impact was obviously significant with a lot of debt. However, there's still some rust Olien the left on the material that was impacted up next, I'm gon na soak each one of these washers in four different chemicals, gasoline, acetone, salt, water and diesel, and we're going to see how they hold up [ Music ]. As you might expect, there's no visible damage to any of these products with just plain saltwater. This is dupli-color. We'Re gon na go ahead and pull the washer out of the gasoline and take a closer look at it. Unfortunately, when I picked up the washer, the entire coating of dupli-color came off. As you can see, easy liner seems to have held up quite nicely in gasoline herculiner has caused the gas to become discolored. So I'm going to pull it out now and see how it looks now, that's a lot of damage if you'll just look at it all this is just gon na peel right off gasoline has destroyed herculiner. My plastic coat is on the washer. It'S very soft and it is basically dissolved it. So it's not going to withstand gasoline okay, the rest om is bubbling up. It looks like the gasoline has caused damage to it as well. Okay, we'll see how well dupli-color withstood diesel [ Music ]. There'S no need to even take this washer out. Dupli-Color has been totally dissolved by the acetone, as you can see, it's bubbled up and it is coming right off. It'S approximately 20 below zero in this freezer and I've had the metal pieces in the freezer for 24 hours. So at this point, we're going to do is impact test each of the products to see how they hold up [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], we're going to test the cold weather ability these bit liner materials using this implement with five pounds. On top of it. [, Music, ], [, Music, ] dupa cutler, actually did pretty good in the cold weather testing. While there is quite a bit of a scratch, it did not fully penetrate the material and regarding the impact area, it did have some material loss, but not as bad as some of the other products. Ez liner actually did better than dupli-color the amount of scratching the depth is not nearly as much as well as the impact area did not show any sort of material loss. Herculiner did not do as well as dupli-color or ez liner in the cold weather testing. The damage that occurred is down to the metal as well as a lot more material loss with the impact area. Plastic coat is clearly not very good at cold weather, unfortunately, dupli-color ez, liner and herculiner did better in cold weather testing in plastic coat. As you can see, there's a lot of material lost where the impact occurred, as well as where the scratching occurred. So it comes to cold weather performance. Rust-Oleum clearly came in last. If you look at the amount of material loss, there is a tremendous amount of damage, so that was approximately hundred forty-three degrees. Fahrenheit, it's been sitting out in the Sun. This has had four days to cure, so what I'm gon na do now is just go down through each one of these products with a metal washer and see how resistant they are to scratching and peeling. So if you use this product, the heat you're, definitely half peeling. If you put something on it, that's abrasive or sharp. As you can see, easy liner just does not do well in the heat this stuff peels up very easily. As you can see, herculiner is extremely soft in the heat [ Music ] plastic coat is holding it very well in the heat, while it does scratch. It'S also not peeling, it's actually holding up the best we've tested yet [, Music ]. So I'd make this product the same as herculiner. It peels very easily [ Music ]. So if you're looking for a spray-on bedliner, which products should you buy? Well, that really depends on where you live and the type of weather you experience, as we saw deep, blue color and easy liners seem to do best in cold climates, while rust-oleum as well as plastic coat, do best in warm climates. My personal favorite is plastic coat. It seemed to do the best overall I live in the Midwest, where we get a lot of really cold weather and a lot of really hot weather, and that would be my personal pick. But I'd like to know your opinion, which one of these products have you used in, which were these products, do you like the best anyway, I always look forward to your video ideas and your comments. I learn a lot from them and also helps them come up with future video ideas. So thanks so much for watching the video. I look forward to reading your comments. Please take care and I look forward to seeing you next time.

I was busy with four-wheeler stuff. I got the foreman rancher loaded up yesterday, as well as the parks bike wants me to do to look at them and dude back out. So it is what it is. You know part of it I'm going to be showing five five quick and easy modifications. Just you can do to any vehicle. You know this is stuff that you can do without very much knowledge. You know quick and easy stuff. Anybody can do so. You can jump right into it and get some things set up and moved out of the white rope and I'm gon na get into it. So, okay, so my first 30 are all here at the back of the truck first of all, being led reverse lights, whether it be in your taillights or flush mounts. That was one of the first things I did to this truck and the same thing that blue truck is LED. Reverse lights makes a big difference. You know for backing up at night or whatnot and hooking up the trailer at night unloading at night, such as that I think these bulbs in the taillights were like 10 bucks. You know in these flush mounts were 30 35 bucks on Amazon. Something like that. You know quick and easy to do, especially the bulbs in the taillights, quick and easy. You know like five minutes just plug and play it doesn't take much knowledge at all to do. What are you gon na? Do just pull out these two screws and there's one down here too, that you can't see that's behind the shock and just pop this out, unplug your old one, plug in the new one and put the channel it back in and go now. I got the tailgate popped onto my second one, which is a tailgate assist and you can see the DZ tailgate assist it's like a 15 minute or so modification super easy. You know now, if anybody has a 10th generation truck like this, you know how heavy these tailgates are. I mean they're not light, but I'll take my hand off I'll, just drop it. It'S not as slow as the blue truck over there, because this is a very heavy tailgate, but you know nothing. This is loose so, but you know, if you get one hand on it, makes it super easy, just drop it down and there you go like. I said it's a probably a 10 to 15 minute install you put a threaded insert into the tailgate right here in a factory hole and they send you a little socket there. You screw that in tighten it. I think it's like eight foot pounds and they send you a let's plate here with an insert hook up the shock and there you are, you know he ain't even got ta. Take the tailgate off. I have one on the blue truck. I would show you it, but I can't let the tailgate down because of the trailer and the tailgate is up there at the garage so now on to my third: is the TV strips? This? Is a function break right, a night reverse light right. Turn signal left turn signal, so I guess you could call it a five function. This I got this on Amazon, for I believe those twenty twenty-five bucks. I will leave it a link to install up here in the corner another one of them super easy, you know, adds a lot of visibility for people behind you, especially at night. You know my recon tails are super bright at night, but still just a little more something to kind of help out you know now moving on is LED interior lights. I did a video on that truck. I will link it up here as well, but I have them in this truck up here in the center the one Center. I need to order another one of those because it is broke. The a little switch up here is broken, but I need to order another one of those and and the three reverse, hardly three uh interior glass. I'M sorry back in park now. Another thing I'm gon na do more than five, but another thing is these Jam handles. I have them in both trucks. I got these, you know they sponsored, but I don't really ever use them. Use grab right here, shut the door. You know it's easy, you know you don't have fingerprints on your door, I just don't use it like. I thought I would but super easy. You know they make a two three and four finger loops. I have the three finger in both trucks that one over there on this truck here, since it is a three door. I didn't put one on the third door right here. You know fit you open it and I'll just grab right here and shut it, but I guess I don't blow doors and onto my my fifth, my fifth, that I use all the time as wiper blades. This is something a lot of people. You know they don't think about or whatever, but it's a good thing to do. I have scrub blade, wiper blades, you can see the I don't know if you don't see that the two different scrubbing wiper blades I've had these. On here, for about a year, another sponsor all my sponsors are down below the description, but the the scrub blades. You know I've tried a bunch of different wipers, they last about six months and you throw them go and buy another set. These scrub blades I've had them for about a year. I use them all the time, never had any issues and they do really good for cleaning the windshield, not just you know, sloshing stuff around on the windshield, but they actually do clean on the windshield. So you don't see this, but they got the little scrubbers right there. You know a little scrubbers right here. I do a really good job of cleaning the windshield, especially when you have washer fluid. I don't have my nozzles put back in because the hood needs are painted, as you can see, all up over here had a issue with clearcoat, but that's the reason why I haven't put the nozzles back in, but these do a really good job of cleaning. Your windshield, I like them, you know, and these scrub blades is they're, really flexible. So with this the contour, the windshield they fit, it really nice and they do a really good job. Now these are about the same as the bosch wipers that I have on the blue truck. The ones on the blue truck have been on there for about six months and they skip and they don't really clean the windshield at all, and they don't really do that. Great in the rain, but these, on the other hand, I absolutely love them. I will be ordering some, the blue truck when I renew my sponsorship for next year. Another thing something that I've been meaning to do is a stubby antenna. I had one I believe it's still here in the tour just a cheap one off of Amazon and yeah. I don't know, what's that it was just a cheap one off of Amazon and it didn't really do a good job of you know, picking up signal and whatnot watch the stock one I wish I could find it, but I don't know quite where I put it, But yeah another thing like I said: I'm going to do more than five in this video, but another thing is a footwell lighting. I have the LED concepts. Put will kit in this truck, I believe in, I believe, they're like 60 bucks, or something like that. So long since I've actually use them, I need to I need to redo some of this stuff under here I'll cut a bunch loose to get from past lot bars and such just need to get Music ]. As you can see this, you know there this one must be home pretty bright, so I guess these do need replace, there's white what I plan to do. I sit ronk lights up under here as well, I'm doing in the bed. I don't need to finish those I'm gon na try to do that this week. I got these two mounted and got the wires run down through the bed. I need to do those two and I'm gon na do something under the hood and I think after that, I'm gon na do three under the dash, so I'm probably gon na do that all is one video, I'm not sure this is kind of you know a Short video, you know again nothing action-packed or whatnot, but I said I've been super busy with trying to get the four-wheelers sold, try to get them out of the shop. I have a guy coming to look at them today and if he buys them, I will put that footage in the video that I made yesterday, but we got back at 10 o'clock last night, but we got back from on and so about 10 o'clock last night. So I didn't film very much, but if the guy who I said if the guy buys them, I have a bunch of footage on the camera. Here from yesterday, I'm trying to get those sold by the end of the weekend or by the end of the week, because I think Friday I'm going to somewhere in Alabama. I don't remember where up in North Alabama to pick up something for the white truck and I'm trying to get those sold by the end of the week. So I can go pick up those furies August if the guy still has them so hopefully that whole deal works out. You know, hopefully that whole deal goes through and everything works out right. It is currently Tuesday, I'm filming this. I think it's about five minutes. Yep. 11:55, so this is about five minutes before today's video show. Off again I apologize for that. I spent all day you know messing with the four-wheelers getting everything loaded that was a pain to load in the back of the truck. You know getting everything gathered up for that, I'm trying to get those sold by the in the week. So hopefully I can pick up the tires and the new modification with white trucks. Maybe maybe this said modification I'll give it a little more pet, especially with thirty fives. That was something I did plan to do just not that that exact, exact spec, but guys, I think, I'm going in the video here thanks for watching. I hope you'll have a great day. Please leave a like and comment down below subscribe check out the giveaway I'll link it up at the corner as well as always, but I think that's it so hopefully this weekend, which will be Friday, which would be Monday's video for you guys unless I release it On Saturday, we should be going to pick up something new for the white truck over there, so stay tuned. For that, like I said, hopefully that whole deal works out and I can go get that, hopefully you know he still has them. I told him, you know, don't hold it for me or whatnot, but it's something I do still plan to go get another thing just right quickly before in the video is be Toyo Artie's on the blue truck here I think I'm going to sell them. You know good tires great tread. You can see here still got great tread on them. You know they do great, but we went and got a tractor this weekend from my family, a family member, and I realized that these are too loud for the amount of traveling that we do with this truck. I'Ve had these for a little over a week. Now I got them mounted last Friday, so I've had them a week in a couple days and we've already put somewhere around 2000 miles on them and for the road noise. You know there are cupped a little bit, so they aren't loud. The back ones are pretty loud, but I think it's just too much for this truck for the amount of traveling that we're doing such as that. So I think I'm gon na sell these. If you're interested in these send me a DM on Instagram, there are 33 1250 18 Toyo open country Artie's, you know sell or trade. I would. I would trade wheels and tyres for something different: [, Music, ] but yeah. If you're interested in that and trade or buying the tires just hit me up on Instagram - and you know I'll get some more pictures to you and some some more info and such as that. But thanks for watching guys hope you have a great day.

What we're going to show you today is something that you've probably never seen before. This is our newest creation. It is a high-volume high-pressure rig use for interior spray foam as well as roofing polyuria is truck bed liners just about anything that you want to spray. The part of the system here is this control panel. This is a digital control panel. We can power this up. It has tremendous expansion capacity to it. We can monitor a number of different things, as well as data recording. Our future plans with this rig is to add digital pressure gauges, as well as leaving the analog gauges, digital temperature control, to see what our actual fluid temperature is coming out of. The block internal thermo sensors tell us what the internal block temperature and fluid temperature is. We will be able to run this off of Wi-Fi or off of cellular, where you will not only be able to monitor the job. You will be able to operate this machine from anywhere in the world via an iPad laptop or desktop computer. So this is a hydraulic driven unit. We build this power pack here at spec technologies. This power pack will send hydraulic fluid to these proportioning pumps. These are variable we can regulate the speed on these. The problem with traditional machines is that every machine that I know of traditionally is a single motor, whether it's air motor electric motor hydraulic motor that is tied to a pair of pumps with a common drive. This system here are two individual pumps. I can run them individually or I can run them together upon startup of our spec technology. Cd s, machine you'll, see this emergency shutoff switch. If there's a problem with the rig and you need to shut it down quickly, hit that red button. That'S what it's for! The opening screen will be our logo. It could very well be your logo and on this case it's our logo. You touch that screen. It opens our first screen, which gives us the heater temperatures you'll see that one side is 55 56 degrees. The other is about the same. We have four stroke counters on here, as well as the hose heat amperage gauge, which is that PI looking thing in the center and the temperature of the hose. The first thing we're going to do we'll flip over this other menu. Here we are going to set the target temperature of the hose for, let's say, 130 degrees enter, and we are going to turn that hose heat on. We can go back here at the home screen and we can watch this as it sends voltage to the transformer box which is over here, and you will start to see this temperature right here come up if I can get in there with us. Let me see if it'll zoom in on that it will not, but it's 59, it's rising 60. You should gain a couple degrees every minute and we'll just let this do its thing for right now, we'll come back to that in just a few minutes again, target temperature was 130 degrees as we're waiting for the hosts temperature to rise. Let me give you a quick review of what's going on over here. We have two analog pressure gauges again. This PLC system is going to allow us to convert those or add to those pressure trims, it's transducers, which will give us digital readings in the long run. What'S good about that is a you. Can data log all of that information, keep it on a flash drive for your records, so your customers know that your product have been spraying one to one for the entire day. It will data log the time it will data log, the pressures it will, data log temperature. In this case this is an analogue system, so we have two analog gauges. We have a pressure gauge you'll, see that we are down somewhere, Oh 55 degrees this morning in the shop these handles here on. The left are recirculation valves in this position. They are closed. If you turn them up, they're a little stiff put them up. They are open that allows you to recirculate warm material for an emergency. It allows you to relieve pressure off of your spray hose if you have to do maintenance or take your spray block off the end of the line. The c.d.s machine is the only machine that I've seen come direct from a manufacturer that has a temperature gauge within a couple inches of the exit of their here Graco pmc revolution, boss. Those manufacturers, I know of do not have any management or visual confirmation of the temperature of material coming out of the block. I would speculate that after seeing this video, these temperature gauges may show up on the competition's machines. As of now, our rig is the only rig I know of that gives you that information. Traditionally, you have an a controller, a beat controller for your materials and a hose control, and you have no real data confirmation between the heater and the thermo sensor. At the end of your spray hose our hose heats coming up, we're just fixing to kick over a hundred degrees. I just hit a hundred you'll see here. It'S not super clear on the video, but that line right. There is self-regulating the transformer that heats that hose and it will limit it to 40 amps, which greatly reduces the likelihood of a customer contractor spray tag burning up a hose. This is the only hydraulic rig in this industry that utilizes two divorced independent hydraulic pumps. I know that there is an electric machine in the market. There are some guys using gear pumps. Again this is a proven pump. This pump technology is probably 45 years old. It'S been picking up out of drums for 45 years paints heavy bodied elastomeric s --. We do a rebuild on the seals, so they will accept polyurethane. What this allows us to do is manipulate the ratio to a true one-to-one traditionally on every other spray-foam machine that has a single motor, whether it's air electric hydraulic that is tied to a single drive pump system. You are going to be off ratio, there's no way around it. Those pumps are tied together. You have two different viscosity materials. You'Re gon na have different crazy pressures, you're going to have different use of material. You are not going to be on ratio, and what this allows you to do is manipulate the speed of the pump either using the PLC that is in our future Edition. The PLC will monitor these through a flow control and actually adjust this. So it's a true one to one in this rig. This is a manual system that we built for this customer based on his budget again guys. Let'S take a look at this lubrication system. Spec technologies is the first and only company that I know of in my 20-plus years of doing this working with every type of equipment, customer Graco, glass, craft, PMC, boss revolution, every manufacturer uses some sort of a sloppy mechanical system with a spring or series of Springs Or a pump or washers or what-have-you, this is a positive displacement system that pumps lubrication into the lubrication Bowl. As this pump goes up and down, you can see that it stays clean. You can wipe it clean. Your only maintenance here is to change this lubrication oil. Again, spec technologies is the first. It is December. 22Nd. 2017. I would speculate that after release of this video. Other manufacturers might look at this as a viable option for their equipment. I just would like to say that we are the first to do this. All right. We'Re about a hundred and fifteen degrees right now, our targets 130, I'm gon na - go ahead and turn on the hydraulic motor which sits right down here. Simple push of this button. Here, let's get a baseline for temperature, we're going to recirculate. We are not going to turn these heaters on, yet that's your a eater! That'S your B heater! We are just going to turn on the hydraulic motor. These pressures will come up and then we're going to open the research valves get a base temperature of our material. Coming out of the drums so we're turning on the hydraulic motor right now, you'll hear the pumps kick a few times. They are providing pressure back to our pressure box. What I'm trying to do is I want to get a base temperature base, temperature, [, Music ] of what the material is coming out of the drums this morning. So all I got to do is crack this near the pump behind you start to pump. I can either open it all the way or I can create a little back pressure just by running oak. Cracking that open okay, there's your a side pumping. I don't know if you can hear it in the background they crack open the B and that b-side pumps gon na start pumping Music ]. So our pumps are pumping. We have material going through our heat block, but the heater is not on yet you'll still see that we are about 58 degrees on our analog gauge as fluid comes through here and recirculates. Our digital gauges say 58 point to the other, says fifty eight point: six Barros temperature is up to a hundred and twenty degrees. What we're going to do now go ahead and shut these down. You'Ll see the pressure come up. Okay, that's the B side. There'S the a side we are up to pressure. We are exactly identical in pressure, identical first thing in the morning at 55 degrees. What we're gon na do now is we're going to turn these heaters on the a and B heater we have to get this block. Heated up, this block is about a 30 35 pound block of aluminum that has been milled. It has six low wattage heat rods in it 18 inches long 17 and a half inches long, and we have a booster rot in there. The six lower wattage rods keep from burning the material and the larger booster rod. The turbo rod is really there to turbocharge the heat. It is a hybrid system, so you have fluid heaters and you have a thermal mass heater that eats that block. What we're going to look for is not so much block temperature we're going to be looking for fluid temperature. This takes about. Oh, I don't know five to ten minutes to really get this dialed in, but once that block is nice and warm you're going to maintain temperature throughout the day we are waiting for the block heater to heat up. Our target temperature was 200 degrees from the block. We need to get that thermal mass heated up again. Once that thermal mass is heated up, you will have consistent temperature throughout the day. What we're looking for! We want to try to get this temperature gauge. The actual fluid temperature gauge up to spray temperature, I don't care what the temperature, the heat rods, are. That'S what every other machine in the industry traditionally reads, but nobody that I know of has ever put a gauge right at the exit point of their heater to tell you exactly what your material temperature is. So we're going to do a little research here, you're going to see this gauge come up a little bit we're going to take some of the heat off that block we're gon na make this block warm up. Hey temperatures coming up, we've done from 55 word about 72 degrees right now we're gon na let this cycle again. It'S a couple couple a couple times circulate and begin our spray block up to temperatures all right. Our block temperatures coming up check the menu everything's still on back to the homescreen. We are slowly gaining fluid temperature. Again, I don't care what this block temperature says. I'M really concerned with what my fluid temperature is we're going to let a little bit through open up this valve you'll see that come up. Okay, we're getting close to a hundred 110, all right, we're gon na! Let this block heat up a little bit more, maybe believe the a side through a little bit. Okay, now we're getting somewhere and now we've got some good, consistent temperature, 110 degrees, [, Music, ]. Our heater block is nice and warm, it's probably internally, 250 degrees. The heat rods are not on what's going on. Is that thermal mass of aluminum that thirty thirty-five pounds of aluminum is absorbing Heat? It'S saturating, it's picking up heat enough heat. That'S not going to give you fluctuations throughout the day. I can feed 55 degree material into this heater and we're gon na spray foam at 120 degrees. Almost unheard of in this industry. Again, we're waiting for this thermal mass heat system, this hybrid heater to heat up, we're gon na feed a little bit of material through it. Just crack this valve open it's going to go back to the drum. We don't want to recirculate a whole lot. We don't want to create a lot of air bubbles if you're using two pounds: [, Music, ], okay, we're just getting we're getting this block heated up we're getting this heated up, we're getting all of this heated up, it's kind of like a cast-iron skillet. You got to let it warm up once it's nice and warm it'll maintain heat for a long time. Okay, guys spend a few minutes. This block is now heated up we're in a good hundred degrees. Posey is 1:26. Our target was 130. We are ready to spray. We'Re gon na get into setting these stroke counters here in a second I'm gon na show you how to dial this into a true one-to-one versus I don't know: 10 15 up to 20 percent off ratio that you'll spray with a traditional machine coming back in he's Been spraying we are at about 1,200 pounds. Heat looks good, we're just under I don't know 140 and that'll level out when it hits the hose. The hose heat says: 125 go ahead, Jacob there he goes spraying. We lose a little bit of pressure. I'Ve got seven strokes on the a side, nine strokes, so we've adjusted the pump speeds we can get into that and depth a little bit later. But we are now seven counts on a seven counts on B and we will monitor this and we can adjust the speed of these pumps to make sure that, after about twenty minutes or so that we are right on target one to one you'll see. Our pressures are good. You can hear the pumps running, here's our phone system, lubrication system pumps, are pumping and I don't know if you've ever seen a lubrication jar pump that much oil in it. You see the fluid actually coming out of the nice clear, hose lubricating that shaft again, we've got quite a few drums in here. This is going out on a job. On Tuesday day after Christmas 2017, the pumps running, Golic power, packs running everything, looks good, so we're 35 over here 33 over here we're going to go ahead and adjust that and we'll see if we can get those down to match perfectly again good pressure, and this Rig is complete, ready to deliver to the customer Music ]. Thank you so much for visiting with us. This is Tim again with spec technologies. You have any questions. Please call us direct at the number listed at the end of the video, we'll be happy to answer any questions that you have. Thank you. You

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