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I was busy with four-wheeler stuff. I got the foreman rancher loaded up yesterday, as well as the parks bike wants me to do to look at them and dude back out. So it is what it is. You know part of it I'm going to be showing five five quick and easy modifications. Just you can do to any vehicle. You know this is stuff that you can do without very much knowledge. You know quick and easy stuff. Anybody can do so. You can jump right into it and get some things set up and moved out of the white rope and I'm gon na get into it. So, okay, so my first 30 are all here at the back of the truck first of all, being led reverse lights, whether it be in your taillights or flush mounts. That was one of the first things I did to this truck and the same thing that blue truck is LED. Reverse lights makes a big difference. You know for backing up at night or whatnot and hooking up the trailer at night unloading at night, such as that I think these bulbs in the taillights were like 10 bucks. You know in these flush mounts were 30 35 bucks on Amazon. Something like that. You know quick and easy to do, especially the bulbs in the taillights, quick and easy. You know like five minutes just plug and play it doesn't take much knowledge at all to do. What are you gon na? Do just pull out these two screws and there's one down here too, that you can't see that's behind the shock and just pop this out, unplug your old one, plug in the new one and put the channel it back in and go now. I got the tailgate popped onto my second one, which is a tailgate assist and you can see the DZ tailgate assist it's like a 15 minute or so modification super easy. You know now, if anybody has a 10th generation truck like this, you know how heavy these tailgates are. I mean they're not light, but I'll take my hand off I'll, just drop it. It'S not as slow as the blue truck over there, because this is a very heavy tailgate, but you know nothing. This is loose so, but you know, if you get one hand on it, makes it super easy, just drop it down and there you go like. I said it's a probably a 10 to 15 minute install you put a threaded insert into the tailgate right here in a factory hole and they send you a little socket there. You screw that in tighten it. I think it's like eight foot pounds and they send you a let's plate here with an insert hook up the shock and there you are, you know he ain't even got ta. Take the tailgate off. I have one on the blue truck. I would show you it, but I can't let the tailgate down because of the trailer and the tailgate is up there at the garage so now on to my third: is the TV strips? This? Is a function break right, a night reverse light right. Turn signal left turn signal, so I guess you could call it a five function. This I got this on Amazon, for I believe those twenty twenty-five bucks. I will leave it a link to install up here in the corner another one of them super easy, you know, adds a lot of visibility for people behind you, especially at night. You know my recon tails are super bright at night, but still just a little more something to kind of help out you know now moving on is LED interior lights. I did a video on that truck. I will link it up here as well, but I have them in this truck up here in the center the one Center. I need to order another one of those because it is broke. The a little switch up here is broken, but I need to order another one of those and and the three reverse, hardly three uh interior glass. I'M sorry back in park now. Another thing I'm gon na do more than five, but another thing is these Jam handles. I have them in both trucks. I got these, you know they sponsored, but I don't really ever use them. Use grab right here, shut the door. You know it's easy, you know you don't have fingerprints on your door, I just don't use it like. I thought I would but super easy. You know they make a two three and four finger loops. I have the three finger in both trucks that one over there on this truck here, since it is a three door. I didn't put one on the third door right here. You know fit you open it and I'll just grab right here and shut it, but I guess I don't blow doors and onto my my fifth, my fifth, that I use all the time as wiper blades. This is something a lot of people. You know they don't think about or whatever, but it's a good thing to do. I have scrub blade, wiper blades, you can see the I don't know if you don't see that the two different scrubbing wiper blades I've had these. On here, for about a year, another sponsor all my sponsors are down below the description, but the the scrub blades. You know I've tried a bunch of different wipers, they last about six months and you throw them go and buy another set. These scrub blades I've had them for about a year. I use them all the time, never had any issues and they do really good for cleaning the windshield, not just you know, sloshing stuff around on the windshield, but they actually do clean on the windshield. So you don't see this, but they got the little scrubbers right there. You know a little scrubbers right here. I do a really good job of cleaning the windshield, especially when you have washer fluid. I don't have my nozzles put back in because the hood needs are painted, as you can see, all up over here had a issue with clearcoat, but that's the reason why I haven't put the nozzles back in, but these do a really good job of cleaning. Your windshield, I like them, you know, and these scrub blades is they're, really flexible. So with this the contour, the windshield they fit, it really nice and they do a really good job. Now these are about the same as the bosch wipers that I have on the blue truck. The ones on the blue truck have been on there for about six months and they skip and they don't really clean the windshield at all, and they don't really do that. Great in the rain, but these, on the other hand, I absolutely love them. I will be ordering some, the blue truck when I renew my sponsorship for next year. Another thing something that I've been meaning to do is a stubby antenna. I had one I believe it's still here in the tour just a cheap one off of Amazon and yeah. I don't know, what's that it was just a cheap one off of Amazon and it didn't really do a good job of you know, picking up signal and whatnot watch the stock one I wish I could find it, but I don't know quite where I put it, But yeah another thing like I said: I'm going to do more than five in this video, but another thing is a footwell lighting. I have the LED concepts. Put will kit in this truck, I believe in, I believe, they're like 60 bucks, or something like that. So long since I've actually use them, I need to I need to redo some of this stuff under here I'll cut a bunch loose to get from past lot bars and such just need to get Music ]. As you can see this, you know there this one must be home pretty bright, so I guess these do need replace, there's white what I plan to do. I sit ronk lights up under here as well, I'm doing in the bed. I don't need to finish those I'm gon na try to do that this week. I got these two mounted and got the wires run down through the bed. I need to do those two and I'm gon na do something under the hood and I think after that, I'm gon na do three under the dash, so I'm probably gon na do that all is one video, I'm not sure this is kind of you know a Short video, you know again nothing action-packed or whatnot, but I said I've been super busy with trying to get the four-wheelers sold, try to get them out of the shop. I have a guy coming to look at them today and if he buys them, I will put that footage in the video that I made yesterday, but we got back at 10 o'clock last night, but we got back from on and so about 10 o'clock last night. So I didn't film very much, but if the guy who I said if the guy buys them, I have a bunch of footage on the camera. Here from yesterday, I'm trying to get those sold by the end of the weekend or by the end of the week, because I think Friday I'm going to somewhere in Alabama. I don't remember where up in North Alabama to pick up something for the white truck and I'm trying to get those sold by the end of the week. So I can go pick up those furies August if the guy still has them so hopefully that whole deal works out. You know, hopefully that whole deal goes through and everything works out right. It is currently Tuesday, I'm filming this. I think it's about five minutes. Yep. 11:55, so this is about five minutes before today's video show. Off again I apologize for that. I spent all day you know messing with the four-wheelers getting everything loaded that was a pain to load in the back of the truck. You know getting everything gathered up for that, I'm trying to get those sold by the in the week. So hopefully I can pick up the tires and the new modification with white trucks. Maybe maybe this said modification I'll give it a little more pet, especially with thirty fives. That was something I did plan to do just not that that exact, exact spec, but guys, I think, I'm going in the video here thanks for watching. I hope you'll have a great day. Please leave a like and comment down below subscribe check out the giveaway I'll link it up at the corner as well as always, but I think that's it so hopefully this weekend, which will be Friday, which would be Monday's video for you guys unless I release it On Saturday, we should be going to pick up something new for the white truck over there, so stay tuned. For that, like I said, hopefully that whole deal works out and I can go get that, hopefully you know he still has them. I told him, you know, don't hold it for me or whatnot, but it's something I do still plan to go get another thing just right quickly before in the video is be Toyo Artie's on the blue truck here I think I'm going to sell them. You know good tires great tread. You can see here still got great tread on them. You know they do great, but we went and got a tractor this weekend from my family, a family member, and I realized that these are too loud for the amount of traveling that we do with this truck. I'Ve had these for a little over a week. Now I got them mounted last Friday, so I've had them a week in a couple days and we've already put somewhere around 2000 miles on them and for the road noise. You know there are cupped a little bit, so they aren't loud. The back ones are pretty loud, but I think it's just too much for this truck for the amount of traveling that we're doing such as that. So I think I'm gon na sell these. If you're interested in these send me a DM on Instagram, there are 33 1250 18 Toyo open country Artie's, you know sell or trade. I would. I would trade wheels and tyres for something different: [, Music, ] but yeah. If you're interested in that and trade or buying the tires just hit me up on Instagram - and you know I'll get some more pictures to you and some some more info and such as that. But thanks for watching guys hope you have a great day.

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