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Factory Bedliners Continue To Fail!

About as fast as consumers are deciding to get a spray-in bed liner from the factory is about as fast as they’re going to spray applicators to have them replaced.

Over the last six months, spray applicators have replaced thousands of spray-in bed liners from the factory. After the most recent word on replacements, we decided to get the message out. That message is; STOP getting factory spray-in bed liners!

Many factory bedliner applications consist of cheap off-brand imported hybrid polyurea/polyurethane, which is mechanically sprayed ultra-thin. We have received dozens of complaints from consumers who have spent hundreds of dollars to get this cheap material removed and then replaced.

Compounding the issue of lesser quality material is the lack of preparation of the beds. When removing the factory bedliners, we have come to find that there is very little preparation done to the beds before application. Manufacturers are not preparing the bed for the best adhesion results, nor removing factory items such as bolts, lights, etc. the manufacturers are only using a bonding agent. This obviously doesn’t create a strong enough bond and in many cases these bedliners are not lasting longer than a couple years of use. 

Know the facts. What are you putting in your truck? ArmorThane's ultra-tough product called ArmorLiner continues to rank at the very top as the best possible bedliner material. It is a stronger material and is applied with the proper preparation to ensure the lining does the job and remains durable. Want proof? Try peeling up your factory liner, then call ArmorThane to apply their material today.

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