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All right, I'm finishing up my 312 sub box that I built and I'm using some truck bedliner from Harbor Freight and so far so good. It'S working pretty good. I just use this this textured sort of paint roller. It'S not foam! It'S like! I don't know if it's some sort of a plastic or something, but it's really really really coarse and that's what I wanted to get to get a really thick solid coat, and this is the first coat I'm about to do second coat, so turned out pretty good. I mean it looks alright, there's the port and yeah. This is starting. It'S turning out really good. I mean exactly what I wanted. So here's my it's braced up inside and I got all the the wiring ran and I'm going to do additional bracing, I'm going to do some steel, steel bars flat bar across the front in the back on the kind of on the inside and the outside, and I got them right here and I got off 3/8 bolts and nuts, and so that's going to reduce any type of vibration or flex, so I still got to get two more. These are for the outside and I get two more on the inside. So I'll sound sandwich these steel bars, if I can hold on up I'll, just basically sandwich them, get it mounted like this and then put the bolt through and then put another one on the inside. Hopefully I don't know how I'm going to get it in there, but we'll see - and I should stiffen it up but other than that. That'S how it's turning out so far and I'm just going to do another coat right now and we'll be closer to being finished. All righty, thanks for watching

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