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Welcome to France, you probably see me in such shows as demotion ranch, vet ranch and this ranch hashtag all the ranches, I'm just fixing my flamethrower, because I had to do a little work to it. You know normal everyday things that everybody does. You probably know by the title and thumbnail this video that I'm getting a new vehicle and let me let me just explain because I know what you're thinking like hey man, you know what you need more projects and toys. I know I think that to america -- the does not think that, but women just don't get it. So here's here's the deal. My buddy named Mark Tyler balls captain Mark boss, as he was known in the United States Air Force. He died a few years ago in 2013, so four years ago now - and we were real, close grew up together, played soccer together growing up and he was a groomsman. In my wedding, we made a memorial kind of tribute. Video to him on demolition stayed really close with his family over the years and his brother Forrest, who is also in the United States Air Force, called me up and said so. Basically they have this little Bronco. It was Tyler's and we had two good times in this Bronco. We got in trouble with this Bronco. We got stuck a lot, we rolled it on its side a few times. It'S just a jack double eighty-three Bronco the v8 and big tires, and you know high school boys tree basically, and we played with a ton and they've used it. They used it kind of as a ranch truck, but a forest said that he is shipping off to Alaska, got to be there for a couple years, and so there's really not able to take care of that truck anymore, and he was like. I don't really want to sell it. I want to put on eBay and let it go to somebody who we don't know so he's like. Do you want it? I was like Emily patch that up heck yeah. I want that, like. I have a lot of memories in that shot, a lot of memories of Tyler. I told him yeah. I want the truck and I told him I'll, keep it I'll keep it running like. I got to get it running first because he said it. It won't start, and he said he thinks the tires will hold air tires - are the same tires that he had on it in high school, which was 11 years ago. No no 12, 12 years ago, I'm old 12 years ago, this time for at least 12 years old they've been sitting on the Sun for 12 years. But those tires I mean they're big beefy tires. They had a lot of meat on them. Hache it's to hold air, maybe but a lot of work to be done, but he was like. I just do whatever you want with it. He was like play with it and sell it. If you want okay, I'm not going to sell it I'll, never sell it. I'Ll say I'll: keep it I'll get it running, get it nice, I'm not nice, and you know it's not a nice strike, and I said everyone I'm backing you now back and so call up his dad yesterday and we're going to go out and get it thought Out at a ranch couple hours away, we're going to go, get this truck put on trailer haul. It back add it to my my stables. You know because they're stables and that's that's the horse. I keep in my stable. I need another one need a off-road horse, but I don't know an air compressor and it probably needs air in the tire. So I bought me this little portable air compressor, I'm going to get it out, put it together, [, Music ]. I also got some other stuff that I may need on this trip tomorrow, where my HOS at Gemma hos. I got a fitting. I got kintyre pumper uppers. I got some tow straps, not tow straps they're, like ratcheting, tie-down, strap big ones. Okay, I got my fittings. All rigged up check this out. Look at it. Look at the sticks. Hold on. Let'S see work. Oh, the ties are a little below this thing took care of it. In a snap. I also bought a more catchment. I got to go up the trailer now. You guys help me out shit shit, hit the crowd, no more kid seats. I have the hose to fill it up. I have a tire pressure gauge. I have trailer hooked up. I have a jack I have reproach. You get Jack's damn I have the compressor bungee down. We have my two new tie. Straps two old tie straps to come along four-way, lug wrench a tow strap an extension cord. I don't. I probably need that a couple wheel, chocks probably won't need those either foot better to have and not need the need and not have. I won't need these, but I would like to happen just in case yeah. I think I'm ready okay, yeah going to be good. We'Re gon na actually really get really excited: okay, I'll pack, it up! I'M gon na go to bed I'll, see you guys bright and early hey good morning bright and early, like I said, we're heading out, it's a trailer back there and sound good which Isis hit. I think I ran over a cat ball. Let me just go, make sure at least there wasn't a cat eating out of it. Well, the morning is off to a great start. I got to go pick up, Tyler's dad and then we have about a two and a half hour trip to go to the ranch where the car is or the truck is. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Lagrange Texas. I think they have a song. Ah, here go moving. Looking good trailers coming up all right trailers going down make we did it. We had to take the front wheels off because they were this big and they wouldn't fit past the trailer wheels. Look at those freakin tires. Things are huge anyway. This thing's seen better days as you can tell, but it's going to be a booth, you know, it'll be a beast assuming I ever can get it running. My plan is kick car first and then I'll get to this thing. It'S going to be a lot of quick, it does bring back a lot of cool memories. Let'S get home and see how excited Meredith is about her new toy [, Music ], the shadows captain air force. He died aboard a kc-135 along with two other Airmen. They were over purchased and in 2013, those who don't know the kc-135s are like the big refueler planes like the big papers that are just full fuel and they full of jets. Another plane and history rates for that and it crashed, and that's where we lost Tyler with do, is just kind of kind of weird. The events Bronco back behind me right now, Tyler's my only friend that I've ever lost in the military nationally for this of ever lost ever so struck Wiesel. I it may not look like a lot to you guys and sit under a tree for years. It means a lot, I'm pretty excited, get this big hole and I'll start method it yet, but maybe in the fall I pulls down and we get stuff figured out with the kid car and the vet clinic on stuff. That'S for time start tackling this thing and trying to get it going again, make it off-roading button truck. We made it home. How much you guys think are you uh? Are you excited? Are you like yeah? I'M excited Oh sing, these a little Cleveland at Worcester. There needs a little cleaning a little work in here, but I think there's going to be one heck of a ranch truck. Maybe I can even get a street legal hit, it might be. It might be possible to get this street legal. I don't know you guys want some depressing check out. My average miles per gallon 8.2 turns out Raptors pulling steel trailers carrying Broncos, don't get very good miles per gallon, and that was like a three-hour trip. I thought it was going to be like two and some change. Definitely a three-hour trip all the way out there and three hour back carrying a really heavy trailer with a Bronco on it. Perhaps a trip, probably shoulda, borrowed a diesel to do that. But you know what the old girl got the job done. I can't wait for them to meet, want to do one thing, real, quick, something I noticed out of the ranch and when we got back, I noticed it still there look at that hornets. They wrote on that thing for three hours going. I was going 80 at some point, eighty miles an hour down a highway. They stayed here check out that big old spider over there too. Like that's pretty impressive, I mean that's a lot of wind and they just they stuck with it. You know I can't I can't do it. They work so hard like. I would feel really bad just spraying them. You know I mean they deserve to look my trigger finger slipped. It does that sometimes so where to start on this thing. For one thing, these huge tires look at those crazy 35 super swampers, but they're a little dry rotted, as you can see, cracked all through there. Those things are there done, so I think new tires. I don't think any new wheels. This is one of our problems. We had to take the front wheels off right, but you can't get a normal like four-way lug wrench in there, because these things are so deep. These are some fat tires crazy. I don't know anything about big off-road mud tires like this. So suggestions appreciated Tyler, put suspension on this thing, so you can see it's got some aftermarket stuff, but it's all I don't know 15 years old, so it probably needs a little adjustment. Everything everything's rusted under here, because this was just a mud and truck. I mean he just took this thing off-road everywhere. These could use new seat covers at the very least, but I mean new seats would also be nice, because that's a little rough engine looks like it could use a little tidying up. Oh, my gosh there's just wires everywhere. Whoo, it's gon na need some things. The starter is bad. I think the car probably going to need a clean, a lot of things. A lot of little things. It'S going to be fun came here. You look beautiful. I look like a fruit loop. I look good Applause, ], [, Music ], we're going to eat dinner right now. You want to see Tyler's car before we go. Okay, well prepare to be amazed because it's aged a little bit something so I mean, like you, remember what it look like 50 years ago, ain't gas again, it's aged 15, more years, Wow! Was that a good, oh wow? Or do you regret your regret, saying that I could have this yeah cool I'll just do it once a little drive around we're already late for dinner hole? That was a log we're already late for dinner, but uh just wanted to. I wanted to get your take on it. Yeah. If you don't mind coming out and standing the frame this week, please that would be very helpful little rougher than you thought, yeah. Okay, you heard it here. First folks, mayor doesn't paint it so definitely step up in the blood. Oh, not quite not railing. People say I want to murder you. I can't work like this.

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